This section presents various texts taken from the body of texts in Pijin collected in the Solomon Islands since 1981. The choice of texts gives the reader an overview of the stylistic and grammatical differences that exist between the various speakers, as it is the case of all the languages of the world. I also made sure to present a range of topics and speakers. There are traditional stories (kastom stori) and stories from the Bible told by children, testimonies about historical events, customary social principles, interview transcripts on various topics (family life), etc.

  1. Kastom stori
  2. Stories from the Bible
  3. Oral history
  4. Customary law: the payment of compensation
  5. To go to school or not

Official Documents

  1. Sapos iu no save gud abaotim diswanfaedem— aot! (Australian Government)
  2. Hao Fo Man Onam Land Save  Tekem Timer Right (Solomon Islands Government)